Steps to take a good real estate photo


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Beautiful photos will attract a lot of viewers. This places more requirements on real estate agents.
It is important to present the images in an authentic, safe and reliable way, thereby providing an overview of the property, highlighting the perfect images and correcting the disadvantages. possible points.
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1. Preparation is key
Before picking up the camera, you must make sure that the work is neat and free of clutter. Depending on the size of the project and the nature of the company, it can take quite a while to prepare.
Make a list of all the necessary images, matching the descriptions on the list.
Potential tenants are interested in kitchens, common areas and storage areas. So even bathrooms and amenities like bike storage need to be photographed.
Style can make a big difference. If the furniture looks dated or the space is vacant, consider renting furniture, artwork or accessories to increase the cost.
If photos are intended for real estate advertising, windows should be clean and manage outdoor light.
Outdoor and indoor areas should be cared for regularly. If there is a lighted sign on the building, make sure it is working
2. Time is everything
Every building is different. At what time of day does the building look best?
Before sunrise and after sunset are prime times to photograph the building's appearance because of the low light and color in the sky - especially if the light of the building itself can also be used.
To show off the natural light, shoot in the middle of the day when the sun is at a great angle.
However, a modern high-rise building can also look outstanding against a dark blue sky with bright sunlight in the middle of the day.
Photos should have people to add personality and movement to the frame.
The angles of the building will determine the ideal conditions for the image. A terrace or harbor view will not look attractive if appearing under gray clouds and drizzle.
Be prepared to schedule more than one photo session, or reschedule if the weather isn't right.
3. Good tips and tricks
Composition and framing are fundamental elements of any photo. Surroundings, such as trees, add interest to a photo
A photographer's rule is to make sure that vertical lines, such as window frames and doors, always appear vertical.
A photograph taken from a very low angle will have converging vertical lines. Therefore, to avoid this, the camera should be kept at high altitude.
On the other hand, converging vertical lines can be used to create dramatic effects when photographing tall buildings.
Think about whether a photo is useful to a space seeker or not. Will a photo of a potted plant really add value to your image collection?
Turn on all internal lights and avoid using the camera flash. Manage mirrors, glasses and even shiny appliances.
4. No abuse of unique effects
Photo editing software and smart devices now have some great functions for changing photos on the fly.
The lighting, color, and selector settings can all be used to change photos easily with a few taps and swipes.
But the golden rule applies - just because you can, doesn't mean you should.
Creative use of effects such as tilt shift can distort a photo in a way that can distort assets.
Let a great photo shine without unnecessary enhancement.
5. Organize and store photos
When it comes to image control, organization is important. Images should be accessible and easily sourced for showcase purposes.
High resolution images will be needed for marketing materials, promotions and print communications.
Use a cloud-based service to share images with the 2 parties involved so they can be downloaded - no large files emailed.
Make sure the caption information is for each image.
Hire an expert
There is no substitute for finding a professional to photograph your property - unique if they have real estate experience.
While high-end equipment and software are now widely accessible to amateur photographers, knowledge, skills, and techniques will always be needed to take a great photo.
People looking to buy and rent luxury real estate want to see good images. Therefore, taking good photos is an important investment.
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