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There is a lot to do when you want to open an online store. You need to create payment gateways, work with customers, manage warehouses. The most important you should think about is to choose the platform to use. If you choose the best ecommerce platform, completing other features on the website will be much simpler. Today, I will introduce you to Top 5 ECommerce Platforms in 2021.

What features do you need for an ecommerce platform?

Ecommerce is the best way to make money online. It is an online store where you sell products, services, subscriptions, physical and non-physical goods. A lot of things can be deployed on ecommerce websites.

An ecommerce platform is worth having an inventory management option, which helps you manage your payments, helps you export sales reports.

However, these are just the basics of the online store management page, in addition, it should have:

  • Ability to set product classification: If you want to sell more than one product, you need to classify the product for easy management.
  • Select product page: You need to have a unique product page for each product so that each product has complete information and a beautiful display.
  • Sales functions and discounts: Customers love deals and promotions, so you need tools to support this to increase sales for your business.
  • Support multiple payment gateways: Many people prefer to use the payment processors they are accustomed to, so you should have plenty of options for this to make sure you don’t lose any potential customers.
  • Information analysis: The more you know about customers, the more you can optimize your store to increase sales.
1. Magento

Referring to ecommerce we cannot ignore Magento. Magento is platforms was born for ecommerce. It is invested to become the world’s leading ecommerce platform.

When it comes to flexibility, Magento is far ahead of rivals. It is a powerful platform that helps you create big and small ecommerce sites. However, you need to know some programming knowledge to use if you want.

Magento is not very friendly for beginners. However, it is because it has so many useful features. For example, the SEO function is built-in, extremely secure, and there are many other powerful themes and plugins.


  • Extremely easy to expand, from small to very large businesses without compromising governance.
  • Built to optimize search and security.
  • Support many currencies and tax calculator.
  • Integrate most payment gateways you want.

  • This platform has a long learning cycle.
  • Difficult to use if you do not have the technical knowledge.
In our experience, Magento is the best ecommerce platform for startups. It is highly flexible, has all the features an ecommerce site may need. So it is very suitable for a company that has its own web design team.

If you are a startup or you do not have a dedicated design team, do not worry, there are many services such as Installation, Development, Upgrade, … from an experienced team who can support you at a reasonable price, long-time support.

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2. Shopify plus

Shopify plus is an ecommerce website platform that allows users to create online shopping websites with built-in social networking, product posting, shopping cart, and payment features or order processing features,… all That app is integrated into Shopify plus.

When using Shopify plus you will be able to build your website easily without any professional programming skills, then you can easily post and manage products, change the interface and website administration. add content, payment systems, inventory management, built-in shipping feature for each region.


  • Professional design interface: Shopify is integrated with a professional interface so you can use ecommerce website to build your company’s brand in the fastest and most effective way.
  • Integrate payment of visa, MasterCard.
  • Automatic email system: Shopify’s email will automatically send an email to confirm the order for you, or account creation problems, passwords,…

  • Online payment: Shopify does not provide domestic payment service but can only pay internationally by master card or visa card, and Shopify will charge an additional fee of 2% to 3%.
  • Speed: If the cable is faulty as it is now, your Shopify website business will be delayed.
  • Application costs: Most of Shopify’s current plugins charge monthly, but you can’t buy it once.
  • URL structure: Shopify requires users to use existing URLs.
3. WooCommerce

Unlike the other platforms in this article, WooCommerce is not an independent ecommerce site infrastructure, it is plugins running on WordPress.

WooCommerce is an extremely powerful tool that significantly increases ecommerce functionality for WordPress. It is a favorite tool for many of the WordPress community, as it is powerful and beginner-friendly.


  • Use WordPress CMS to deploy your online store.
  • Customize your store easily with WooCommerce’s own extensions.
  • Supported by a large community of WordPress users

  • More advanced features often require different extensions.
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4. OpenCart

OpenCart is a combination of WooCommerce and PrestaShop. It has more ecommerce features than WordPress, but fewer functions than PrestaShop.

What makes OpenCart stand out is the management experience. It’s smooth, modern, and has all the important information you need to find it when you open the admin page.

Customizing OpenCart stores is easy due to the modular design system. It’s not as modern and drag-and-drop as page builders, but simple enough to help you create an ecommerce site though you’ve never done it before.


  • Easier to use compared to other platforms PrestaShop and Magento.
  • Integrated SEO feature.
  • Supports extensions and themes.

  • Does not support many features available like other online store creation platforms.
  • Some themes of OpenCart are outdated.
5. BigCommerce
BigCommerce is a new emerging Ecommerce platform. The first full version of BigCommerce was released in 2011. Like Shopify, BigCommerce offers a SaaS platform. This is an online store software, integrated directly with Google Merchant Center, allowing users to promote their products on Google Shopping.


  • Integrating with major payment gateways such as Stripe, PayPal, Apple Pay,…
  • Lots of marketing tools including the ability to sell on multiple platforms such as Amazon Marketplace, Facebook, eBay, Pinterest, integration with many email providers, etc.
  • The security system is one strong point of this platform.

  • Maintenance costs are expensive for individuals.
  • Some advertised features are only available to US users.

Nowadays creating an online store is easier than ever. The best ecommerce platform above will help you quickly create an online store that runs and operates in just a few hours.

Based on the article Top 5 ECommerce Platforms in 2021, you probably have chosen the platform to build your website.

In our opinion, you should choose Magento because it seems to be the best -commerce platform for large and small businesses, there are also many options to expand depending on your needs. You will need more time to learn about it but it will give flexibility to your store website.

This is Top 5 Ecommerce Platforms in 2021.

Article source: Magento VietNam
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