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Ship cargo from Malaysia to Vietnam

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16/06/2019 10:59

Shipping from Malaysia to Vietnam

Pick up from 0.1 kg or more to Malaysia. There are many services and rates to give customers the freedom to choose.

 - Shipping by DHL, UPS, FEDEX, TNT

* In particular, Ha Thien Express also has additional shipping services:

- portable services. - LCL, FCL by sea.

Shipping from Malaysia to Vietnam is also equal to the time from Vietnam to Malaysia, with only 2-4 working days and delivery to customers. Shipping service from Malaysia to Vietnam with the calculation as follows: As well as the calculation of goods from Vietnam to Malaysia, shipped from Malaysia to Vietnam according to the carrier's regulations.

 - For heavy, compact cargo, the kilograms shall be calculated.

- For bulky goods, the size is as follows: length x width x height divided by 5000. After the box is completed, calculated in two ways, the number of kg calculated by weight and kg in cubic meters. Compare the largest number of kilograms to calculate the shipping price. In addition, when goods return to Vietnam, there will be taxes (if any) arise. The tax will be based on the imported goods and the value of the goods. All details please contact with our company.


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