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IMPORT EXPORT SERVICES 2 Netherland - VIETNAM (Zalo/Whatsapp: +84 938 696 121(Mr Tony)

The foreign trade relationship between Vietnam and the Netherlands is growing, promoting the increasing demand for goods exchange.

To meet this demand we open the following services:

▪️Fast delivery service to the Netherlands with goods, parcels, light documents to large and bulky goods.

▪️The service of importing goods from the Netherlands entrusted, official quota of containers, retail goods regardless of quantity, size and value.

▪️Purchase service, pay for you, ship goods, hand-carry from the Netherlands to Vietnam, including package procedures.

❄️Ha Thien products usually ship from the Netherlands to:

Ha Thien can buy and ship most items from the Netherlands to Vietnam at the lowest cost

Fashion items: Clothing; Footwear; hand bag; wallet; glasses; fashion accessories,…

Food items: Confectionery; dry food; powdered milk; baby milk…

Household appliances, electronics: Pots; accomplished; speak; amp; electronic device,…

Functional foods; chemical product; cosmetics; vitamins & other beauty care products.

Medical equipment; medical components; equipment used in industry,...Documents, records

Fashion products: Clothes, bags, shoes.

Perfume, cosmetics, functional foods, baby formula

Tablet, laptop, phone, MP3, camera…

❄️ Advantages:

Quick time: 5-7 days for express delivery, 8-10 days for economical delivery, 10 -14 days for cont and retail. Number of trips in a consecutive month.

Preferential fees, more economical than conventional units. Discounts are available for regular customers.

Support for a variety of items, regardless of quantity, size and value.

24/7 support consultation.

Update itinerary information for guests.

Need advice and support, please contact Hotline:

Zalo/Whatsapp: +84 938 696 121(Mr Tony)

Besides, our Ha Thien also has a service to ship orders from the Netherlands to Vietnam. Ha Thien also receives goods-shipping-orders from many countries around the world to Vietnam such as: India, HK, Sin, Malaysia, USA, UK, Poland, Russia, Australia and Asian countries...

For more information, please contact our company.


Address: 66/3 Street 14, Binh Trung Tay, Thu Duc City, HCMC

Hotline: +84 938 696 121(zalo,whatapp) - 36 766 4142(viber)


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